“If you build it, they will come”

Spring 2022 – Presenting Course to the DMV Area Colleges and Universities

  • Presenting the course to the Career Training program directors
  • Presenting the course to the state and local government leaders, advocating potential means to creating more jobs.
  • Process all necessary procedures to accredit the course from the government agencies. All necessary documents are ready.
  • Begin recruiting the first group of students.

Summer 2022 – Proving Benefits of the Course

  • Find a college that will accept our course as a pilot course
  • We plan to host a course regardless
  • Train the first group of students while training the course instructors
  • Each class will be taught by the industry’s top professionals.
  • All classes will be videotaped and it will be used for online class study materials.

Summer 2022 – Organize Support Group

  • We will form the first regional support organization in the DMV area.
  • The Institute for Beauty Consultants (IBC) will function as an internship and job placement support group.
  • We will set the standard of conduct and operation manual for the club to balance the interest of all sides.

Fall 2022 – Conduct Survey to Prove the Effect of Training

  • With help of an accredited survey organization, we will conduct a survey from graduates and employers.
  • Prove satisfactory employment of first graduates. We know the survey results already but we need to prove it thru 3rd party organizations objectively.

Fall 2022 – Presenting Course to the Major Cities and Metropolitan Area Colleges and Universities

  • Atlanta, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Los Angeles namely.
  • We will focus our attention mainly on recruiting our course representative for each territory first. Even though we will be doing all the leg work, early involvement will give them opportunities to understand the process for the future.
  • We plan to send a course package, arrange meetings with local government agencies and schools, promoting our course.

Winter 2022 – Course in Full Swing

  • To effectively manage nationwide course operation, we will develop detailed manuals, guidelines, and the software even from the beginning.
  • The only way the course will stay successful is to avoid any mishaps or misrepresentations by the regional representatives and instructors. To prevent it, strict rules and guidelines must be prepared and executed.