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The Retail Beauty Consultants course aims to prepare future professional Beauty Consultants a better understanding on the variety and application of beauty products, and help them work as effective team members:

  • in beauty stores
  • in the beauty section of a large chain of retail stores
  • in the beauty section of a drug store chain
  • with personal care product manufacturers
  • with wigstension product manufacturers and distributors
  • and in wide variety of the cosmetology culture

While the quality of these products continues to improve due to the aggressive research-and-development efforts made by the manufacturers, the quality of the services isn’t quite up to speed. Social networking services (SNS) stimulate the spread of information on personal care products, but much of the content is misleading or wrong. Instead of helping or protecting consumers with more information, this misinformation pollutes the information superhighway and often brings harm consumers.

This course emphasizes the relevance of beauty care to personal success. The concept is highlighted by a profound composition of non-surgical hair replacement techniques to enhance beauty through wigs and hair extensions that we call “wigstensions.”

Career development and professionalism in the industry quenches the thirst to learn about how to develop beautiful looks, how to deliver the latest hairstyles, and how these crazes can be turned into profit.

This course is designed to help manufacturers and their employees understand the lives and challenges of beauty consultants, and the opportunities they face. Throughout this course, employees of the product manufacturers and distributors can indirectly experience the retail environment and can apply this information toward manufacturing and distributing beauty products more effectively.

Completing this course will help you:

Opening Door to the Dynamic Beauty Industry

The beauty industry offers the most dynamic career development opportunities in any developed societies. The common expression, “the sky is the limit”, truly applies in the world of beauty. Not only for the ones with natural talent and skills, but also for non-skillful person can achieve his/her dream in beauty industry.

The industry offers wide range of opportunities for anyone with discipline and motivation to succeed in career can realistically reach their goals in beauty industry. The Retail Beauty Consultants course is the key to enter into the industry. It is the foundation, and with stronger foundation, you can achieve your dream.

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Learning Path

The objective is to provide you with common business knowledge

  • Basic biology, anatomy, and bacteriology.
  • Sanitary guidelines for public safety.
  • Work and business ethics.
  • Essential knowledge of hairstyles.
  • Work safety and handling emergency situations.
  • Introduction to business equipments.
  • Basic understanding of wigs and hair extension products by category.
  • Understanding of materials used in wigstensions.
  • Different application methods.
  • Assisting customers when trying on wigs.
  • How to select well made products.
  • Hair care products by category.
  • Hair styling tools and utensils.
  • Sundry products used in salons and at home.
  • Cosmetics and skin care products

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