about us

Birth Of a Great Organization

The Institute for Beauty Consultants is formed to;

  • promote its career training courses,
  • train the course instructors,
  • organize regional chapters to expand the course,
  • provide technical assistance in managing regional chapters,
  • continue updating textbooks, training materials,
  • provide latest training resources,
  • set and monitor course training standards.

The IBC was conceptualized by the CosmoBiz in 2014 and officially launched in January of 2022. 

It is now in the registration process. Upon incorporating, the Institute plans to seek private investments and donations to boost the speed of implementing Beauty Consultant courses in nationwide career training schools. 



Stores are Selling Beauty Products in U.S., including pharmacies and supermarkets


Beauty Supply Stores. About 7,000 stores are for African-American Consumers


Companies are Marketing, Distributing, and Merchandising Products.


People Need Beauty Consultant Training for Jobs and Upward Mobility

Invest and Support
Institute for Beauty Consultant

Without financial resources, even the greatest mission can’t be achieved. Be our sponsor and the investors to organize IBC and create quality jobs and make upward mobility of current employees possible.

Below is a list of immediate tasks and actions that we are taking.

Pilot Training at a C.C.

Offer as a pilot training course at a college workforce training program in the nation’s capital region.

Upon the outcome, we will then offer as a permanent course.

Organizing Initial Board

With our investors and sponsors, we will form the initial Board of Directors who will govern the IBC.

There will be a Board of industry members and academic advisors.

Setup a Headquarter

A National headquarter office with staff will be established to manage the daily operation of IBC.

The size of the office and staff will be determined by the size of support.

First Regional Chapter

To roll out the regional chapters, we must well prepare the manuals, regulations, guidelines for opening and operating the regional chapters. It is to help regional chapters operate in uniform.

Welcome to the IBC

It Took Twenty-two Years to Get Here.

As the publisher of the CosmoBiz magazine, I met about 5,000 beauty supply owners face-to-face. As a beauty supply owner, I worked on the floor open to close and met tens of thousands of consumers. Visited hundreds of hair factories, and studied formulation to learn about the products.

It took twenty-two dedicated years to learn what I have learned and now I set a mission to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to enter into the beauty industry.

The Beauty Consultants course is beauty 101 which will lead you to the wide spectrum of the glamorous beauty culture.

Two colleges invited us so far.

We just need one pilot course this summer to prove our worthiness.