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After completing the course, you will get one-year FREE Membership. Membership comes with many benefits,
including job placements and further guidance in career development. 

Wig Specialist

Custom Made Wigs, Medical Wigs, Fashion Wigs

The oldest profession in beauty culture. Some states require a wig specialist to have a license to operate. It requires special skills and craftsmanship to be a successful Wig Specialist.

Wig Specialist Training Course

24 lessons - 24 hours
Class is irregularly scheduled. We will make announcement when scheduled.
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Hair Loss Prevention, Healthier Hair Growth

You can become a Trichologist. It is not a medical service. Trichology is an effective services to prevent hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Colleges and Universities Short Course

26 lessons - 60 hours
Certification short courses are offered in number of colleges and universities in Korea
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Eyelash Tech

High-Demand of Eyelash Tech Now Than Ever

You can become a Eyelash Tech. Market researchers predict the market will continue to grow. The number of independent eyelash studios has also steadily growing.

In-person, Hands-on Course

4 lessons - 6 hours
We will make announcement when scheduled.
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Marketing Specialist

Marketing is the creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships

You can become a marketing executive for a big corporates. Beauty industry is all about glamour.

Online Courses

18 lessons - 18 hours
We will make announcement when scheduled.
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Brand Owner

Make Your Own Cosmetic Brands, Your Indie Brands

You may become an Indie Brand or Private Label owner. Some began their success from the streets of New York, but you can start by gaining hands-on retail experiences.

Online Course

5 lessons - 5 hours
We will make announcement when scheduled.
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There is No Greater Calling Than Teaching Others

We desperately need to train and prepare a large number of instructors for the Beauty Consultant course nationwide. We are looking for instructors with entrepreneurship with high standard

Prior Approval Require

? lessons - ? hours
Number of lessons and hours vary
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Own a Beauty Store

Become an Owner of Your Dream Beauty Store

Perhaps you will become a beauty store owner. A business is a risky financial investment which doesn't tolerate mistakes. Learn from the other store owners while working there as a Beauty Consultant.

Online Course

? lessons - ? hours
In preparation now. We will make announcement when scheduled.
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2% Difference Makes Successful or Unsuccessful

Beauty consultant course is a must if you want to be a cosmetologist one day. Knowing the products will put you ahead of others and put you on the top fast.

Continue Education

? lessons - ? hours
We are looking for affiliate schools now. Please contact us.
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Membership Has Its Previlage

Become a member

A certification recognizes that you have the professional skills and education matching standardized criteria for the beauty industry. A job without a certification, in many case, becomes a minimum wage jobs. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Membership Benefits

With Collaboration with the Nationwide Retailers and Manufacturers We Plan to Bring You Many Membership Benefits.

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Members have exclusive access to our latest products and trend update board.

Free Samples

Instead of watching reviews, it's best to try the products yourself as a Beauty Consultant.

Meet Others

Connection is a key to success. Free seminars, classes, dinner events, and trade shows.

It's Your Industry

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