It Takes a Village

We Need Your Help Advocating the Course

This course generate jobs, lift minimum wage workers from minim wage trap. Increase sales by providing better customer service. When all sides wins, we need your help advocating the course in your neck of woods. 

What You Can Do

Urge them to add a Beauty Consultant course to their Career Training Programs in Every Community College.

State and local Governments Listens to the Local Voices. Unless we tell them what we need, there is very little chance the Beauty Consultant course will be included in their career training program.

Why is it important that our course be included in their training programs? Their program is government-sponsored. The students can take the course without the burden of tuition.

Your involvement will help thousands of people. Helping them gain the confidence and self-esteem that we all are thirsting for.

What You Can Do To Help


Raise the Question

Inquire about the program and let them know about the Beauty Consultant course. Suggest adding the course to their program.


Submit Documents

They will ask for documents. We will provide all needed documents, and you can represent our course, and submit applications.


Become an Instructor

While applications are processed, take our basic course, and our instructor course (Free), and teach students in your area.

We Will Walk With You

While working with the DMV colleges, we will prepare all documents. This will be the Template for your states.

Hard but Possible

Beauty supply stores are a.k.a. OTC stores. It means over-the-counter. If pharmacy assistances have a training course, why not OTC stores?

While You Are Applying

We will organize Beauty Consultant Club in your area to support internship and job placements. Both sides must work hand-in-hand to make the course successful.

We Need Big Guys' Help Too

We Need Help of Big Guys like Walmart and Target

We understand that big box stores do things big and may not enjoy working with small box stores. But we need your help more than ever on this mission. Please lend your hand.